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FUNKER VOGT Splits Up, Frontman Jens Kaestel Leaves Band

Архив новостей | Русская версия

FUNKER VOGT is no longer (or if we would have to write a German headliner: 'FUNKER VOGT Kästelt niche langer'), at least not in the way we have been used to, as the band's frontman for 18 years Jens Kästel has announced his departure. The singer announced the news on the official FUNKER VOGT Facebook (where ironically enough the message was liked by over 200 fans).

The last show that Kästel will be doing is the Berlin show scheduled for the 30th of November. In the message Kästel doesn't want to explain why he left saying that 'loyalty to FUNKER VOGT was & still is for me the highest priority'.

We translated the German written message left on the band's Facebook page for you:

"Dear Fans & Friends,

the time has come to share something with you which has troubled me for the past few days.

The show on 30.11.13 in Berlin will be the last where I'll be appearing as frontman of FUNKER VOGT.

I will not speak publicly about the reasons behind this decision, because my loyalty to FUNKER VOGT was & still is for me the highest priority. The past 18 years with good and bad times has been an important part of my life, I will always treasure it with pride.

I would like to thank those who have supported me as a singer of FUNKER VOGT all these years. Your support was what drove me and made it all possible.

I don't find the adequate words right, so I'm simply going to say this: Thank you again. We'll see what time brings".

It's not the first turmoil in the band's history. Kai Schmidt stopped working for FUNKER VOGT in 2010 and before that Björn Böttcher, who was known for his legendary camouflage face-paintings, also left the band. Both artists had worked with the band for over 15 years. It remains to be seen what the rest of the band will do, go on with FUNKER VOGT or call it quits.

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