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VICIOUS RUMORS Announce New DVD Release

Архив новостей | Русская версия

Bay Area Metal legends VICIOUS RUMORS have announced a new DVD release and more Digital Dictator 30th Anniversary dates.

What started as a 4-week, 25-show tour has grown now to 45 dates booked in America and Canada with a European leg of dates for November in the works.

A special edition DVD, "666 Years Of Blood, Sweat & Cheers", from last year's crushing show at the Bang Your Head Festival in Germany will be available directly from the band starting August 31st at the first show of the tour in Santa Rosa, CA at the University Of Rock.

The DVD will be available only at the shows and online through the VICIOUS RUMORS social media sites. This will be a limited edition filmed with 20 cameras, high def audio and video masterful edited by Bernhard Baran. This full force footage and audio of the bands intense live power has been captured and will now be released with the 30th Anniversary Of Digital Dictator Tour.

VICIOUS RUMORS will perform one of the most iconic metal albums "Digital Dictator" live in it's entirety. Old photos and videos are great to go down the memory lane but don't miss your chance to see and feel the power of VICIOUS RUMORS live on this historic tour.

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