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TURMION KATILOT: New Album Details

Архив новостей | Русская версия

During the last autumn, Turmion Kдtilцt collectively came to the conclusion that 14 years of insulting the audience and themselves was enough. The band had come to the point where they felt it was the right time to rather start to get to know their families, children and wives better instead. Disco is just not for adult men and the band was an exceptional example of this, thus Turmion Kдtilцt called it quits after The Dance Panique Tour.

By fate, the band have somehow started to accidentally work on their eighth studio album UNIVERSAL SATAN and the first single from the album SIKIЦ was just played for the first time on Radio Rock Finland. The album will be released on 14.9.2018 and the single will reach digital stores and streaming services this coming Friday. The single’s music video will be released in the end of May, with a second single and video due for release in August.

In celebration, Turmion Kдtilцt will play a select number of summer festivals including Rockfest, Nummirock, Tuska Open Air, John Smith Festival, SaariHelvetti and Dark River Festival with additions to come. The band will head out on an extensive Finnish tour in celebration of the new album, with the first dates in Tallinn 28.9., St. Petersburg 29.9. and Moscow 30.9.2018. Additional cities and venues will be released towards the end of the summer.

Turmion Kдtilцt’s own beer “Pimeyden Morsian -world’s best band beer” has been chosen as the first band beer to be represented in Finnish Alko liqueur-stores. Due to the success of the beer, the band has also decided to brew up another delicacy, this time an American Pale Ale called "DISCOAPA -and I will disco”. The first batch of beer has already been bottled and will be available soon.

We’re sorry, but you just cannot get rid of us that easily.

Roman P-V - 2018-04-17 12:30:14

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