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MEGAHERZ To Release Komet Album In February; Details Revealed

Архив новостей | Русская версия

Megaherz are back, with full force and sweeping passion. They are digging deeper on their brand new studio album, Komet, than ever before.  

Megaherz went straight up and rocked the boat with their latest releases Zombieland (2014, Napalm Records) and Erdwдrts EP (2015, Napalm Records). Now is the time for the next big Megaherz step into completely new spheres. With their upcoming studio album Komet they deliver a perfectly blended mosaic of metal, rock, gothic and sensitive and heavy weighted sensible lyrics.

The soul of Komet is clearly tangible: "Uncompromising and emotional." Hard, musically as well as lyrically. "On the other hand also incredibly touching," nods Lex satisfied about the opening to more depth, to change in his own cosmos. The genre term Neue Deutsche Hдrte has shaken off Megaherz over the years.

Today the very first details for Komet have been unveiled: album artwork, release date, tracklisting and available formats. Pre-orders are available now.

Komet tracklisting:

"Vorhang auf"
"Scherben bringen Glьck"
"Von Oben"
"Schwarz oder WeiЯ"
"Nicht in meinem Namen"
"Trau Dich"
"Nicht genug"

Bonus CD tracklisting:

"Jagdzeit" (Live)
"Glorreiche Zeiten" (Live)
"Roter Mond" (Live)
"Gegen den Wind" (Live)
"Himmelsstьrmer" (Live)
"Fьr Immer" (Live)
"Unbesiegbar" (Bonus)

Komet formats:

- 1 CD Jewelcase (16p booklet, 11 tracks)
- 2 CD Digipack (6 pages Digipack incl. 20p booklet, 11 tracks + 7 bonus tracks, Disc 1: 11 Tracks, Disc 2: 6 Live tracks + 1 Bonus track)
- 2 CD Deluxe Box (6 pages Digipack incl. 20p booklet, Disc 1: 11 Tracks, Disc 2: 6 Live tracks + 1 Bonus track + accessories: circular dog tag, flag, patch, signed autograph card)
- 2 LP Gatefold (11 Tracks + 6 Live tracks + 1 Bonus track)
- Digital Album (11 tracks)

Following the album’s release on February 23rd Megaherz will be hitting the road in March and April throughout Germany and special shows in Austria and the Switzerland.

Megaherz comments on the upcoming headlining tour: "Finally we are back on the road and out of our recording studio! We are beyond thrilled to meet all of you on our upcoming shows! New album, new shows, bigger, better, louder!!!"      


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