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Metal Tribute To French Pop Singer MYLÈNE FARMER Out Now Via Russia’s GSP

Архив новостей | Русская версия

Mylène Farmer, French singer, actress, poet, composer and producer, turns 55 this year. She is one of the most popular French pop artists not only in her home country, but also worldwide. She holds a record among French-language performers as far as the number of diamond records is concerned, and she is the only contemporary artists whose singles topped the national Top Singles & Tracks chart 15 times. In addition to that, 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of Mylène’s debut album "Cendres de lune".

On November 2, Moscow-based label GSP released the CD edition of a heavy metal tribute to Farmer, titled "Trois décennies" ("Three Decades"). The digital version was released on October 17, and is available for streaming

The tribute album features 14 artists from 10 countries, representing various subgenres of heavy music. It comes together with a 20-page booklet with liner notes from each participating band or project, who share their thoughts on Mylène’s creative output and provide reasons for choosing a particular track to cover. A foreword for the booklet was penned by Philippe Courtois, founder and lead singer of French avant-garde metallers MISANTHROPE and boss of cult label Holy Records.

"Trois décennies" tracklist:

01. ANFEL (Russia) – "Tristana"
02. WAITING FOR MY END (France) – "Ainsi soit je…"
03. MP (Germany) – "Désenchantée"
04. DYSPHORIAN BREED (Sweden) – "Regrets"
05. MISANTHROPE (France) – "Désenchantée"
06. S.U.P (France) – "Agnus Dei"
07. INFECTED (Ukraine) – "XXL"
08. NORILSK (Canada) – "Tomber 7 fois…"
09. GRLSCZ (France) – "Je te rends ton amour"
10. LOST IN THE STORM (France) – "Fuck Them All"
11. DEPRESSIVE MODE (Turkey) – "Je te dis tout"
12. REVELATION (Belarus) – "Monkey Me"
13. TOMMY TALAMANCA (Italy) – "Je te dis tout"
14. ONE STEP BEYOND (Australia) – "Interstellaires"

Only four of the participants use female vocals. The tracks by ANFEL and LOST IN THE STORM are sung by their full-time vocalists. Tommy Talamanca, guitarist and mastermind of Italian progressive death metallers SADIST, presents a solo track featuring Katerina, a talented Italian singer participating in several pop and rock projects. Ukrainian death metal veterans INFECTED are assisted by Olya Prygunova, winner of many Ukrainian vocal competitions, student of a jazz and pop singing school, and daughter of the band’s drummer Vitaly Prygunov.

The most senior participant in the tribute project is German heavy metal band
МР, also known as METAL PRIESTS and MELTING POINT, whose career started 30 years ago.

The cover versions are positioned on the CD in the chronological order. Track 1 was originally issued on the French singer’s debut album in early 1987, while the final track was lifted off her latest album, released in 2015. Canada’s NORILSK, who took their monicker from a city in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk territory, chose the song that was the first to be written and composed by Mylène on her own.

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