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THERION mainman Christofer Johnsson has posted the following message on his Facebook account:

"In 1995 I had some very symphonic songs and wanted to bring THERION in the opera/symphonic direction that the band later would get known for. But the contract we had with Nuclear Blast naturally didn’t allow us one of those super expensive recordings that THERION later would do within this coming era. So I presented the concept to Markus Steiger (the boss of NB) and he liked the idea and decided to take a chance on me and give me the biggest budget in the history of the label at that time. It was a good choice, because the result (the album 'Theli') would also become the best selling album at the label at that time and THERION would over the years sell over a million albums.

"But what would have happened if he would have said ”no”?

"Well, I always had two big passions in music. Symphonic sounds and 70’s sounds. During the years one have heard the latter also in THERION’s music. If I wouldn’t have gotten money to go all symphonic, then I would have gone all 70’s instead. As I didn’t think it would be appropriate to turn THERION into a 70’s vintage retro band, I was instead preparing for a plan B and started rehearsing with Tommie Eriksson (known as a live musician playing drums or guitar on all THERION tours 1995-1998 - today he is known in the vintage underground with his 70’s influenced bands SATURNALIA TEMPLE and THE TOWER). I wrote two songs that we played; "Cults of the Shadow" and "Where the Lilies Grow". The idea was that if THERION would be disbanded, we would already have some basics and we already had ideas of new members - all of them being members of Dragon Rouge like me and Tommie. The name of the band would be THELI.

"But as things turned out, I got the budget I needed from Nuclear Blast and and the band THELI got abandoned. But in honour of this planned band, I decided to name the upcoming THERION album 'Theli' instead. And I re-arranged the song "Cults of the Shadow", adding some additional parts, choir some symphonic elements and used it on th Theli album.

"Over the years I’ve squeezed in my passion for the 70’s into some songs here and there with THERION, often disguising it pretty well, but sometimes more openly. LUCIFERIAN LIGHT ORCHESTRA is a new band (which I have recorded and produced in my Adulruna studio) who is playing songs that I’ve written over the years that I thought was too vintage sounding for THERION.

"The album is now totally finished in terms of sound production and I’m right now looking around to get them a record deal. I will continue to write songs for them for future albums, so their sound will remain the same. You can see it as a 70’s sounding version of THERION. And who knows, if we play on the same festival or something, I may even join them on stage as a guest for a song".

In a later post, Christofer added:

"When the band will continue, it will be more as a regular band. But in the process of making the record, there were a large group of people involved:

2 drummers
1 bassplayer
5 guitarists
2 keyboard players
3 hammond organists
9 singers

It's a mix of old symphonic rock and progressive musicians, some current THERION members, one ex-THERION member and some artists from other bands. Plus some known and unknown people from Dragon Rouge giving a hand with backing vocals".

A song from the upcoming album, "Church Of Carmel", can be heard here.

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